The Superstar: The Shoes You Think of When You Think ‘Adidas’

For German footwear fanatics — well, let’s face it, for sneaker fanatics in general — no shoe ranks higher on the classics list than the Adidas Superstar.  The original Adidas Superstar sneaker has been produced by Adidas since 1969, and this bona fide classic hasn’t had a low moment since. The super-iconic Adidas Originals Superstar is perhaps the shoe you think of when you think of Adidas as a whole: think a simple, low-top silhouette with three stripes on the side. This shoe is almost synonymous with streetwear in the ‘80s and ‘90s, so it’s no surprise that it’s seen a pretty significant resurgence with the return of the streetwear craze at present.

A Pair of Superstars for Every Superstar Sneakerhead

The cool thing about this sneaker is that, even though it makes a statement when worn in the classic style — we’re talking black-on-white Superstars, obviously — they never really lose their cool, throwback vibe with different colorways. At YCMC, we offer tons of different original Adidas Superstars for everyone from the sport-loving classicist to the contemporary trend-setter. Of course, we have black and white Adidas Superstars for the whole family — grown-ups, kids, toddlers and babies — but we also have some funky and fresh styles for the cutting-edge sneaker-lover.

Start here if you’re looking for amazing, unique and limited edition Adidas Superstars. The silhouette may remain the same, but the innovators at Adidas aren’t afraid to make these shoes stand out with bold finishes. Some pairs don’t even have the classic three-stripe design! But at YCMC, we’re pretty big fans of original Adidas shoes, so we have tons of simplistic white, black and solid-colored Superstars for all your classicists. In our store, you’ll find Adidas Superstars for women and men in tons of trendy and traditional options.

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