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The Air Max 95 brings new textures and colorways to the Nike Air Max line. In 1995 the Air Max 95 debuted as a way for Nike to garner a foothold in niche performance running category. During that time Nike had yet to make their mark on runners and instead has focused efforts on the basketball designs. Like any great company they knew they had to expand their customer base. In came designer Sergio Lozano. He had previously on Nike’s tennis and training silhouettes and in 1994 was asked to work on a new type of trainer featuring AIR. Lozano took a risk in the design by adding different textures based on basic human anatomy and the 95 was the first to showcase 2 air cushions in the forefoot and air pressure technology molded to the foot of the wearer. Nike didn't know they were creating one of the best-selling silhouettes in the Air Max family or that re-sellers would snatch pairs for after market prices. Original releases like the OG Volt continue to be re-released and have become synonymous with Nike’s famous colorways including the OG Habanero Red. We’ve also seen the I-95 pack symbolizing one of the most traveled roads down the east coast, using colors and tones found in the constant active construction that will seemingly never end. The 95 has recently seen updates with new materials in suede, velvet, corduroy, and the Vapormax sole. Colorful pops have recently overtaken the Air Max 95 with nods to the 1980’s and 1990’s windbreaker trend. Dubbed the “Windbreaker” this Air Max 95 comes in 2 base colors, black and white. From heritage colors like Red Orbit and University Gold pop. Kids also get into the game with the same heritage colors and detailing all the way down to the tiniest of feet. The Air Max 95 Essential “Ocean Cube” gives a more straightforward approach to the classic Nike 95 underlays with black mesh, suede, and leather all leading up to the color pops you expect from a retro of the 90’s. Bold colors run down the side panels like Kumquat and the namesake nickname Ocean cube. Crimson pops on the lace loops and tongue logo. Keep an eye out for more exciting colorways as the year goes on and the Nike Air Max 95 continues to release this retro favorite.