Reebok Cardi B Long Sleeve Crop Top

Cardi B is going all out for her second collection. It’s designed to catch eyeballs and maybe a few side eyes. This collection is shameless just like our girl. Fresh colors and styles come together to make the ultimate fit from head to toe. Make sure everyone looks you up and down before you cross the street. In a world that labels women as a way to write them off, eluding explanation is power. This wraparound shirt is designed in collaboration with Cardi B, an icon who breaks expectations. The soft, stretchy fabric has a fitted cut and deep neckline. Wear the straps tied up in the front or back.

Style ID: H48419 | Imported | 85% recycled polyester / 15% elastane interlock | Straps come with string loops – cut string loops for customized look | Wraparound straps can tie in front or back | Limit 1 per customer |

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